Napshots of His Life: An Interview with dug Nap

June 5, 2012, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Interviewed by Kevin Titterton

2012 Interview with dug Napfor the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Ever wonder why you turned out the way you did? dug Nap does. The popular Burlington artist, poet, and songwriter is back in FlynnSpace to act it out for you with the first in a new series of funny, poignant, and dramatic performance art pieces called Napshots of My Life. In Napshots of the Suburbs, dug Nap takes an honest look at his early suburban life in the fictional town of Starksbend. The show contains lots of great fibs, half truths and lies - although he swears it's all true. His illustrated "napshots" - hundreds of new original folk art/outsidery art illustrations - are projected onto a 6 x 8' screen during the performance. Last at the Flynn with his sold-out performance of My Imaginary Girlfriend, don't miss dug Nap's latest creation.

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